The IROA 200-50 Bacterial Metabolic Profiling Kit is a simple and direct metabolic labeling protocol for the in-vivo incorporation of specific and unique signatures or tags into biochemical metabolites for relative quantitation by mass spectrometry (MS) and can be applied to many life science applications (toxicology, diagnostics, drug development, bioprocess, etc.).   

The IROA 200-50 kit is designed to grow and label bacterial cell types that require sugars and amino acids (labeling is performed with multiple carbon sources) and may not be appropriate for all bacterial cell  populations.

IROA Bacterial Metabolic Profiling Kit – Cat No. IROA 200-50: $1500.00


Materials: M9 Minimal media PLUS carbon and amino acid energy sources: D-glucose (U-13C, 95% and 5%);  Amino Acid Labeling Mixes (U-13C, 95% and 5%); ClusterFinder software.

To ensure that the IROA media supports the growth and proliferation of your cells, it is recommended that cells are initially grown and tested in IROA unlabeled bacterial media (IROA Cat. No. IROA-200-UL: $200.00) prior to labeling with the Bacterial Metabolic Profiling Kit.  At least 5 or more cell doubling cycles are required to achieve full label incorporation.