ClusterFinder metabolomics data analysis

ClusterFinder (CF) is a metabolomics data analysis software tool for targeted and non-targeted metabolomics.   ClusterFinder processes isotopically enriched metabolomics data; centered around 13C at 93-97% and 2-5% (typically 95% and 5% 13C) abundance.  CF corrects for ion suppression correction and normalizes data.

ClusterFinder™ is provided with any kit purchase and developed to support the analysis of IROA LC-MS data files generated using the IROA Metabolic Profiling Kits, and the IROA TruQuant Yeast Extract Semi-targeted QC Workflow Kit.

ClusterFinder metabolomics data analysis benefits:

  • Accurate compound formula ID for MS alone; complete ID with addition of SWATH, or IM, even at low concentrations
  • Unique IROA patterns discriminate peaks of biological origin from artifacts allowing the removal of false data
  • All IROA-based fragments have the IROA ratio pattern derived from their parent peaks and can be identified using the “peak correlation” ClusterFinder module
  • Suppression-corrected measurements
  • Normalizes (using suppression-corrected) experimental samples
  • ClusterFinder builds libraries, ID/quantitate compounds and normalizes data
  • Ensures high level QC for accurate and reproducible results
View the Protocol and ClusterFinder videos to see how IROA can be used for your Metabolomics data analysis workflows