How to Optimize Selectivity and Monitor ION SUPESSION?

High-performance liquid-like chromatography is one of the most important and common quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring small biochemical molecules in metabolomics. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when developing your HPLC method: optimizing selectivity and monitoring ion suppression.

Different tips related to HPLC analysis that IROA Technologies Recommends to follow?

We suggest avoiding reinventing the wheel, otherwise, it will lead to a lot of experimentation, therefore wasting a lot of time. In an effort to learn the appropriate conditions, what has been done before must be discussed. 

The second suggestion that IROA Technologies recommends is for defining the needed sample preparation as sample arrangement varies with other things from dissolution, pre-concentration, or filtration, depending on the arrangement that optimizes the selectivity for specific samples. 

For producing great analysis results, the right selection of chromatography process is necessary. Acid and fundamental examination should be examined with reversed-phase chromatography. For low to medium polarity, the most fitting kind of chromatography is normal phase HPLC. 

Gradient HPLC is utilized for treating complex samples. As it offers a higher resolution, it is the most proper method. Moreover, gradient HPLC excludes the lack of out-of-range volume circumstances under isocratic conditions. 

For the evaluation of ion suppression, controlling the detector response is important. A thorough strategy will be to run a conventional curve of a calibration standard (sample matrix) or a stable isotopically labeled (SIL) internal standard. 

The last but not the least tip that we suggest is that those peak problems are general and can be because of various reasons. The secret lies in recognizing as well as working on the root cause of the peak issue; for instance, with a disturbed flow path or a badly packed bed, the higher retention tails could be created. 

IROA Technologies

Once the most appropriate high-performance liquid chromatography method has been selected, a follow-up validation process should be performed to ensure the credibility of the HPLC analysis process.

IROA Technologies develops products to enable metabolomics and metabolomics measurements. They use uniquely labeled internal standards that are easily identified in mass spectral data using different software algorithms used to measure and correct ion suppression. They are the developers of metabolic profiling technologies that facilitate the measurements of biological systems. 

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