NEXTGEN’s technology facilitates the measurement of metabolites such as glucose, and cholesterol in living organisms. Dr. Beecher, NEXTGEN’s Chief Scientific Officer, who attended the presentation, stated “Humans make approximately 2,000 metabolites and today very few are measured on a routine basis. Researchers can use our technology to more easily measure metabolites to develop better diagnostics and predict disease.”

According to Dr. Gerald Roston, the president of NEF, “Choosing our annual award winners is always challenging because most of the companies with which we work have such tremendous potential.” For the 2011 awards, Roston went on to state, “In the opinion of the committee which nominated the awardees, NextGen Metabolomics stood out because of the great leap forward they have made in the area of measuring large numbers of potential biomarkers in a compact and cost efficient manner.” Past NEF awardees include Accuri Cytometers and T/J Technologies, both of which had very successful exits.

NextGen Metabolomics is hoping to have their products on the market as early as next year.

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