The IROA software tool ClusterFinder is a targeted and non-targeted mass spectrometry computational analysis tool developed to process isotopically enriched metabolomics data; centered around 13C at 93-97% and 2-5% (typically 95% and 5% 13C) abundance. ClusterFinder™ is provided with any kit purchase and developed to support the analysis of IROA LC-MS data files generated using the IROA Metabolic Profiling Kits, and the IROA TruQuant IQQ Workflow Measurement System.


View the Protocol and ClusterFinder videos to see how IROA can be used for your metabolomic workflows

What is IROA?

TruQuant IQQ Measurement System: targeted and untargeted MS analysis and platform QC

ClusterFinder software tool:

How to Install ClusterFinder Version 4

How to set up and run a C13-labelled Yeast Extract “TruQuant” Calibration Experiment