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Different studies have proved that plants produce different types of functionally and structurally metabolites. And those elements play crucial roles in the development and growth of a plant responding to the continually changing environmental conditions. Besides, those metabolites can also help the plants in dealing with biotic and abiotic stresses.

Plant metabolites include different types of components, for example, antioxidants, bioactive components, anti-nutrients, nutrients, and more. By carrying out a plant metabolites test, you can easily and efficiently determine the nature of the plant’s residues. On the other hand, such studies can also test the metabolic pathways substances present in the plants. But you will need the right type of equipment or powerful metabolomic workflow tools. This is where you can trust IROA Technologies.

We are well-known in the industry for producing power plant metabolites testing tools that can easily automate the testing as well as the measurement of multiple biochemicals present in the plants utilizing the necessary internal standards.

Understanding Plant Metabolites

Different food sources, like nuts, tea, fruits, and vegetables, are the ideal source of functional plant metabolites. They help in maintaining health and growth. And some can change the metabolism. The metabolites may also contain some phytonutrients that can improve human health by eliminating the possible negative effect of different chronic diseases as well as aging.

Some studies have proved that some particular components of vegetables and fruits can also play a great role in the immune enhancement, detoxification, and lower the chances of developing cancer. Some plants may contain a metabolite called polyphenols that can lower oxidative stress and keep the body protected from free radical damages. Different plants will have different types of metabolites, and using our kits; you can determine that within a few minutes.

Helping People in The Process of Evaluating Plant Metabolomics

We use complete metabolic labeling to accurately embed the signatures that are mathematically calculable and utilize the advanced software algorithms that detect the presence of different metabolites.

As per some studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people are spending more money on agrochemicals. Our tools and experts can evaluate the effects of the chemicals as well as substances. Analytical studies regarding the plant metabolites are carried out in our advanced laboratories by highly experienced staff. Using our advanced tools, you can know about the plants’ matrix cleanup, radioactive residue, isolations, metabolite IDs, radio profiles, and more.

Advanced Plant Metabolomics and Metabolism Facility

Our powerful kits and technologies are available for our members as well as customers. IROA Technologies is here to offer different services for the quantification as well as identification of different plant metabolites. We are continuously working to develop new methods and tools for the extraction as well as comprehensive analysis of plants’ primary and secondary metabolites.

There are a lot of compounds with different functions for plant as well as human health. By conducting a detailed study, you can be aware of the positive effect of the metabolites and incorporate them into the plantation activities to make your product better. Contact us now for more detail.