IROA®100 for Yeast and Fungal Metabolic Profiling

Product Name : IROA®100 for Yeast and Fungal Metabolic Profiling
Catalog Number : 100-50
Unit Size : 50mL x 2
Kit Price : $1500.00

The IROA® 100-50 Quantitation Kit supplied with YNB media and energy sources provides all of the reagents necessary for the successful labeling, quantitation and identification of biochemical compounds in many yeast and fungal cell populations when combined with sample preparation and mass spectrometry (MS).  The kit is designed to quantitate metabolic differences between two groups of cell populations, a Control group and an Experimental group.  The Experimental group is typically either treated with a stimulus or stressor or genetically modified.
IROA Catalog # 100-50: Yeast Nitrogen Base w/ U-13C6 Glucose

Yeast Nitrogen Base (YNB) is a well-defined media containing salts, vitamins, and a nitrogen source for the growth of selected strains of yeast with the addition of isotopically-labeled glucose, carbon energy source.  For convenience, each isotopically-defined medium has been provided as a 50 mL solution, pH5.4. 

Kit components: 
  1. IROA® 12C Biochemical Labeling mix:  50 mL YNB containing 1.0 g of 5% 13C labeled glucose
  2. IROA® 13C Biochemical Labeling mix:  50 mL YNB containing 1.0 g of 95% 13C labeled glucose
  3. Product User Manual
  4. IROA ClusterFinder™ Software
Additional Materials Required: Rapidly growing cells adapted to YNB Media.
Storage:  Store media at +4° C and all other components at room temperature; protect from light.
Intended Use:  For research use only.  Not intended for commercial purposes or for animal or human therapeutic or diagnotic use.
Product User Manual