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Isotopic Ratio Outlier Analysis (IROA®) Kits 

The golden rule for accurate and reproducible metabolic profiling is to have an internal standard for every metabolite measured.


1. IROA® Quantitation Kits (make your own internal standards that exactly mirror the metabolome you wish to measure) - contain all of the reagents necessary for the successful labeling, quantitation and identification of biochemical compounds. ClusterFinder software tool and statistical analysis tools are provided with any kit purchase
  • IROA 100 - to create yeast Internal Standards, identify and quantitate yeast metabolites
  • IROA 200 - to create bacterial Internal Standards, identify and quantitate bacterial metabolites
  • IROA 300 - to create mammalian Internal Standards, identify and quantitate mammalian metabolites
2. IROA® Internal Standard Kits - contain pre-labeled complex internal standards for the identification of 100's of metabolites across time and instruments. ClusterFinder software tool and statistical analysis tools are provided with any kit purchase.
  • TruQuant IQQ Workflow Kit -  TruQuant IQQ is a high-quality quantitation system for making simultaneous accurate biological measurements on over 500 biochemicals in small quantities of biological samples using unique complex stably-labeled yeast extract.  
NOTE: For situations where it is not practical or possible to label experimental samples in cell culture systems such as biopsies, field-grown plants or large-scale fermentation, please refer to the IROA Phenotypic Experimental Protocol section.
To determine the flux of a specific precusor through metabolic pathways, the IROA Fluxomic Quantitation Kit may be used. 

Stably Labeled compounds are especially produced for IROA Technologies LLC by Cambridge Isotope Technologies, Inc and orders for IROA 100, 200, and 300 series kits can also be purchased through Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc.

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