Libraries for Mass Spectometry

IROA Technologies provides economical high-quality authentic Metabolite Library Standards (MLS) for compound peak identification, functional cellular assays and phenotypic screening.  

96-deep well  format
Alphanumeric assigned positions
Manual or automated workflow
Plate map with descriptors (SMILES, KEGG, CAS, ChEBI, PubChem, HMDB)
5 micrograms dried weight per metabolite; LSMLS 1 mg
MLSDiscovery software for library building

Happy Library Building!

Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards (MSMLS)

Large Scale Metabolite Library of Standards (LSMLS)

Bile Acid/Carnitine/Sterol Metabolite Library of Standards (BACSMLS)

Fatty Acid Metabolite Library of Standards (FAMLS)

Organic Acid Metabolite Library of Standards (OAMLS)