Metabolomics Internal Standard WORKFLOW Kit

 Pre-labeled Internal Standard and Software       Solution for targeted/untargeted MS analysis  

QCidentificationquantitation and comparability                 of metabolites across time and instruments 



Cost effective identification and measurement of 100’s of analytes using unique complex stable-labeled Internal Standard (IROA-IS; U- 95% 13C) 
Native and labeled metabolites easily distinguished
Co-location of native compounds in experimental samples, even at low concentrations
Native and labeled metabolites chromatographically separate together, ionize with same intensity
Fragments and adducts have identical IROA labeling patterns of precursor ions and can be identified
Artifactual or non-paired peaks can be eliminated
IROA-IS generated Retention Time (RT) ladder allows alignment of all peaks
Data may be normalized to the IROA-IS; overcomes day-to-day, instrument-to-instrument variances
 IROA-Matrix (paired mixture of IROA-IS and its U-5% 13C mirror image)
  • Used to build a reference library of compounds for each method or LC-MS mode
  • Analyzed every10 samples to create a Retention Index specific to the chromatographic day run
  • Enables comparison of data across time and instruments

  ClusterFinder Software

  • Finds, quantitates, identifies IROA-IS isotopomers and paired natural abundance expt peaks
  • Removes unparied artifacts
  • Generates libraries using data from Matrix analysis for all LC-MS modes
  • Uses peak correlation analysis to find all possible correlated adducts and fragments

Workflow ensures high level QC for accurate and reproducible results and enables comparison of data across time and instruments